Trust your garden with us

Often described as the chore no one wants to do; gardening and outdoor maintenance gets left until you absolutely must do it. Weeding, hedging, pruning, fertisiling, mulching, lawn mowing, and edging are the things you know make a huge difference, but you just never want to do them.

Well, that’s where we come in.

It doesn’t matter whether your property has a small courtyard, a tiny front yard or what seems like acres of garden that really needs attention, we can help you with all your garden maintenance needs. Our professional team will come in and take care of all those green fingered chores you don’t want to, quickly and efficiently.

Does your property need gutter cleaning, pressure washing, weed spraying, light globes replaced, repairs to tenant damages, locks replaced or walls patched? We can provide one off maintenance assistance or regular maintenance assistance to ensure that all those odd jobs are taken care of each and every time.

It’s easy to forget the outside maintenance of a house, especially when you spend most of your time either at work or inside. It’s the bit that gets forgotten. Well not anymore. With our services you’ll have all your neighbours envying your well-kept garden and yards. Before you know it, they’ll be knocking on your door wanting to know where you find the time and how you got such green fingers.

Call now to discus all your gardening and maintenance needs.

Quality work, every time

Professional and cost-effective

Saving your time to do the things you love.

Property maintenance 

Gutter cleaning, weed spraying, replace light globes, repair tenant damages, replace locks and patch walls.

Gardening maintenance

Weeding, hedging, pruning, fertisiling, mulching, lawn mowing, and edging.

One off and regular maintenance

Whether it’s a one off refresh you need or regular maintenance we’ve got services for you.

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